Frequently Asked Questions

This is important because dust obstructs the sun and reduces the absorption rate of the vacuum tubes. This should be done at least three to four times a year depending on level of exposure to dust.
These help the tank breathe when it reaches temperature of 90 degrees and over. This if ascertained is no longer functional will have to be replaced in order to protect the tank. It is advisable that if you are going to stay away for a prolonged period of time i.e. holiday you get a tarpaulin and cover the heater. If the water is not used, the temperatures build up open the temperature release valves for prolonged periods thus increasing your water bill.

These would be checked and recalibrated if settings have been lost over time
due to intermittent power outages that affect them. If damaged completely they
will be replaced.

Mains water due to fact the many of the pipes might be old collect residue along
the way. The tank has to be washed out to prevent buildup of dangerous
organisms in the tank.
Rain water still has an issue of scaling which is a chemical reaction and as water is
heated to high temperatures it leaves residue as well that needs to be washed out
at least once a year. If you believe the water source in your area is not safe, the
cleaning can be doubled per Annum. Important to note that once water is washed
out and replaced with clean cold water, it would take a day or two to have hot